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Forwarding services

Transport Republican Unitary Enterprise «Gomel Department of the Belarusian Railway» offer you the following services on cargo carriage arrangement by railway transport:

- preliminary calculation of payments for the cargo carriage throughout the territory of the Republicof Belarus and CIS states;

- determination of the best type of the rolling stock for cargo carriage (high-sided wagons, containers, covered wagons etc.);

- provision of necessary rolling stock;

- consultations on cargo carriage arrangement;

- consideration and approval of cargo placement and cargo fastening methods developed by consignors that are not envisaged by the rules of cargo carriage (drawings and schemes);

- assistance in planning of cargo carriage, ensuring control over applications coordination process and informing the client about the decision taken;

- registration of cargo reforwarding;

- re-notification of the consignee on cargos arrived to his address by phone or e-mail;

- tracking and informing about the location of wagons;

- tracing of cargo after delivery period expiration;

- customs clearance of export and import cargoes, consulting of consignor and consignee on malters related to the cargo declaration;

- transported cargo security arrangement (if necessary);

- performance of loading and unloading operations.

On the questions regarding cooperation contact us on the phone numbers:

tel.: (+375 232) 95-21-37, 95-34-72,

tel. fax: (+375 232) 71-66-22, 31-95-61