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Cooperation with international transport organizations

The Belarusian Railway is a member of the following international transport organisations:

  • The Council on railway transport of the countries-members of the Commonwealth (CCRT);
  • The International Union of railways (UIС);
  • Coordination conference on planning and performing traffic operations within international passenger railway routes (OSJD);
  • Coordinating Council of Trans-Siberean railway traffic International Association (CCTT).

Within the CCRT the following topics are organized:

  • the improvement of regulatory legal foundation of the railway transport functioning;
  • railways cooperation coordination in the sphere of international passenger and cargos transportation arrangement;
  • the improvement of operating activities;
  • providing safety of trains traffic within international routes;
  • shared use of freight-cars and containers rolling stock;
  • carrying out of mutual settlement of accounts for transportation and provided services, the endorsement of science and technical cooperation plans;

Within the OSJD the following topics are organized:

  • coordination of the development of OSJD international transport corridors with the development of comprehensive plans for their development;
  • updating of the Agreement on International Passenger Traffic (SMPS) and the Agreement on International Freight Transport by Rail (SMGS);
  • development of international railway traffic within the routes of Europe — Asia — Europe;
  • taking decisions on operational, technical and ecological aspects of railway transport.

Within UIC the Belarusian Railway takes part in:

  • ensuring the safety of rail passenger and freight traffic in the East-West-East traffic;
  • updating of international railway technical solutions in order to ensure interoperability in 1520 mm and 1435 mm area;
  • exchange of information on timetables and current tariffs for passenger transportation in international and local traffic .

As part of CCTT the Belarusian Railway takes part in formation of freight traffic coordinated terms in the directions of Asia-Europe with the use of East-West and North-South international corridors.