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Cooperation with international transport organizations

The Belarusian Railway is a member of the following international transport organisations:

  • The Council on railway transport of the countries-members of the Commonwealth (CCRT), the Organization of cooperation of railways (OCR);
  • The International Union of railways (UIС);
  • Coordination conference on planning and performing traffic operations within international passenger railway routes (FTE);
  • Coordinating Council of Trans-Siberean railway traffic International Association (CCTT).

Within the CCRT the following topics are organized:

  • the improvement of regulatory legal foundation of the railway transport functioning;
  • railways cooperation coordination in the sphere of international passenger and cargos transportation arrangement;
  • the improvement of operating activities;
  • providing safety of trains traffic within international routes;
  • shared use of freight-cars and containers rolling stock;
  • carrying out of mutual settlement of accounts for transportation and provided services, the endorsement of science and technical cooperation plans;

The OCR performed operations include the development of specific measures which stipulate further development of international railway traffic within the routes of Europe — Asia — Europe, taking decisions on operational, technical and ecological aspects of railway transport.

The priorities of the Belarusian Railway cooperation within the UIС are:

  • participation in congresses on high-speed trains running on railway routes;
  • participation in working group when solving problems of frontiers crossing facilitation and providing safety on railway transport;
  • participation in the UIС / OCR joint group on coding and informatics for road introducing into the International information systems.

Within FTE the Belarusian Railway takes part in the planning process of international passenger routes.

As part of CCTT the Belarusian Railway takes part in formation of freight traffic coordinated terms in the directions of Asia-Europe with the use of Transsiberean mainline railroad.

The Council for Rail Transport of CIS  (ЦСЖТ/CSZT)
Novaya Basmannaya 2,
107174 Moscow,Russia
tel. (8 107 499) 262 11 20,
fax 262 78 08
Oleg Belozerov, Russian Railways CEO

Popov Victor, Chairman of the Council Directorate     
Organisation for Cooperation of Railways (OSJD) ul. Hoza, 63/67 PL-00-681 Warsaw 

Miroslav Antonovich, Chairman