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Passenger News

Overview 2015 


  • 11 May 2015
    The Belarusian Railway implemented the international reference and information system MERITIS-PRIFIS

    One of the key objectives of the Belarusian Railway is to improve its services and to attract more passengers. For this purpose it aims to timely provide its customers with the latest reference information.

    Thus, the Belarusian Railway has recently implemented the MERITS-PRIFIS databases, which contain information on train time table in Western Europe. As a result, passengers may visit a major ticket office of the Belarusian Railway and get to know, how to get from one place in Europe to another, for instance, from Warsaw to Rome, by train. They will be provided detailed information including that on interchanges, ticket price, etc. The system makes it possible to purchase a ticket for a definite train provided there is available accommodation therein.

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