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Belarusian Railway will present its potential in Sweden

04 Dec 2019

December 2-4, Belarusian Railway is taking part in international events focusing on cooperation in transportation between Belarus, Latvia and Scandinavia. Igor Shylov, 1st Deputy Head of  Belarusian Railway led the delegation of Belarusian Railway. The event has been organized by Latvian Railways in Sweden.

During a presentation Igor Shilov mentioned several important projects: Belarus–Romania trains, Containerships Train and Minsk–Riga. They operate exactly on schedule, show high speed, competitive rates and fast border-crossing procedures.
The Belarus–Romania container train was launched by Belintertrans – Transport and Logistics Center in cooperation with the railway administrations of Belarus, Ukraine, and Romania as well as the companies Rail Cargo Logistics (Slovenia) and Zahidtransservis (Ukraine).

Another logistics project was launched in July 2019 – Containerships Train that operates in Lithuania–Belarus–Ukraine direction.
Igor Shilov drew attention to the most successful and largest joint project – the fast freight train Minsk–Riga–Minsk. It was launched in early 2018. Over 1100 trains have been operated so far.

Belarusian Railway and Latvian Railways are now working on a memorandum that will allow them to cooperate with Ukrainian Railways to launch the fast freight train Riga–Minsk–Kiev–Odessa. The project will offer a reliable delivery between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.

prepared by the Press Center of BCh

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