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Corporate News

Overview 2014 


  • 20 Jan 2014
    Belarusian Railway and Polskie Koleje Państwowe SA discuss development of railway infrastructure at the second meeting of the joint Belarusian-Polish working group

    The second meeting of the joint Belarusian- Polish working group for existing condition analysis and prospects for the development of border railway infrastructure on the railway crossings between Belarus and Poland will take place in Minsk on January 21-22. The meeting will be attended by representatives of the Belarusian Railway and PKP Polish Railway Lines.

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  • 14 Jan 2014
    Belarusian Railway takes part in a conference with representatives of the railway administrations of Europe

    Belarusian Railway participates in a conference with representatives of the European railway administrations for development and harmonization of timetables, passenger train formation and providing carriages in international traffic for the years 2014/2015.

    The meeting is held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from 13 to 17 January 2014 in accordance with the Work Plan of FTE A passenger traffic.

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  • 13 Jan 2014
    Negotiations between representatives of the railways of Belarus and Poland will be held in Minsk on January 14—15

    During the negotiations, representatives of the Belarusian Railway and JSC «Polish State Railways» will discuss development of rail transportation between Poland and Belarus, including aspects for the development of border crossing.

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  • Belarusian Railway upgrades step-by-step its traction rolling stock
    03 Jan 2014
    Belarusian Railway upgrades step-by-step its traction rolling stock

    Renovation of the existing traction rolling stock is one of the major investments projects of the Belarusian Railway (BCh). Last year BCh purchased 2 five- car electrical trains ЭПР (EPR) made by the Swiss-based company Stadler Bussnang AG, 3 one-wagon diesel trains ДП1(DP1) made by the OJSC Holding Management Company «Belkommunmash» for regional passenger traffic. Aiming to develop freight traffic in 2013, 6 two-section freight electrics БКГ1 (BKG1) manufactured by CNR Datong Electric Locomotive Co. Ltd. (China) were purchased.

    Carrying out the project for production of TME switchers at the Locomotive depot Lida was also continued. Thirteen TME1 locomotives and tree ТМЭ3 locomotives were manufactured there last year.

    Technical facilities for maintenance of city lines and regional electric trains were created at the Electric Multiple Unit Depot Minsk. The Locomotive Depot Kalinkavičy provides maintenance services to of DP1diesel multiple units.

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