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Freight News

Overview 2014 
  • May


  • 23 May 2014
    Belarusian Railway participated in a meeting regarding further development of the "Viking"container train

    In Sofia city, the capital of Bulgaria, a conference regarding "Viking"container train project was held with representatives of the railway administrations of Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania.

    An important outcome of the meeting was the joining of the Romanian railway company JSC "CFR Marfa" in the project. The "Rofersped" company will be the operator of the "Viking" train in Romania.

     Furthermore, the conference participants confirmed a further development plan for the “Viking train for 2014—2015. They coordinated a new overland route to Turkey through the territory of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria made alterations to trains plying technology.

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