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Train Services

To serve its passengers, trains formed by the Belarusian railway offer a range of free and charged on-board services.

On board, we are:

  • serving tea, coffee, juice and other soft drinks into your compartment;
  • bringing bedding and taking it away no earlier than 30 minutes before arrival at the destination. We will also assist those passengers who require help in making their bed;
  • offering a variety of different board games;
  • offering a needle and cotton, scissors, a clothes brush, or a shoe brush when desired;
  • offering emergency medical service. A medical first-aid kit is available at the train attendance's cabin;
  • issuing safety harnesses;
  • Providing assistance and information when required.

Tea, coffee, mineral water, juices, soft drinks, confectionery items and hygiene items are part of our charged services.

Read more about train travel rules (in Russian)


Bedding costs are included in the standard fare on international routes.

The cost for the use of a bedding set, as of July 16, 2018 amounts to:

in compartment sleepers and economy class sleepers of all train types, excepting premium service trains and international trains running to Western Europe 2 BYN
in compartment sleepers and economy class sleepers of premium service trains and international trains running to West Europe 2.50 BYN
in first-class sleepers of all train types 4 BYN

The fare on international routes in compartment sleepers and first-class cars of the named trains includes besides the cost of a meal as well as the cost of a bedding set.

The cost of a meal in luxury sleepers of the premium service trains on international routes operated by the Belarusian Railway from 15.04.2014 amounts to:

  • 8 BYN for compartment sleepers;
  • 10 BYN for first-class sleepers.

Any order placed by a passenger in the dining car can be served to the passengers’ compartment.

Meal services are available in certain sleepers of following named trains:

  • 2/1 “Belarus"  Minsk—Moscow;
  • 52/51 “Zviazda"  Minsk—St. Petersburg;
  • 56/55 “Sozh"  Gomel— Moscow;
  • 86/85 “Bely Aist"  Minsk—Kiev.

For passenger service information, please contact  the designated train formation sections or the Belarusian Railway Office

Passenger Transportation Department of the Belarusian Railway Office (Minsk) tel. (+375 17) 225 48 35
tel. (+375 17) 225 34 21
tel. (+375 17) 225 11 98
Minsk Vagon Service tel. (+375 17) 225 51 01
Baranovichi Vagon Service tel. (+375 163) 49 35 02
Brest Vagon Service tel. (+375 162) 27 22 54
Gomel Vagon Service tel. (+375 232) 95 28 45
Mogilev Vagon Service tel. (+375 222) 39 22 59
Vitebsk Vagon Service tel. (+375 212) 37 98 77