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Electric train series ЭПР

Основные характеристики электропоездов для эксплуатации на региональных линиях бизнес-класса
Parameter Value
Length, м 75,2
Number of cars 4
Number of seats 216
Total number of passenger seats 564
Acceleration when pulling away, m/s2 1,2
Design speed, km/h 160

Car's Interior

Electric train has lowered floor for easy entry and exit of passengers, bright and spacious lounges, creating favorable conditions for the movement of passengers inside the cars and between providing visibility across the length of the composition.

Train doors have an opening width of 1300 mm, which in combination with single-level landing platform height 550 mm (European standard) allows you to quickly implement the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and to reduce the duration of parking at stopping points

To facilitate the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers from the platform height of 200 mm, which is equipped with an overwhelming amount of the Belarusian Railway stations, there are special retractable steps.

Near the front door of each train has a floor heating zone, which prevents the accumulation of snow and ice and prevent cases of injury of passengers in the winter.

All doors are equipped with air curtains , which prevent the loss of warm air when getting on and off , thus saving energy for heating the composition .

In one of the cars allocated to each of a large multi-purpose area for passengers in wheelchairs, with prams, bicycles and bulky luggage.

In this zone there is a toilet vacuum type , equipped with heated water, liquid soap dispenser and electric hand dryer, which is also adapted for use by passengers with disabilities.

Electric is equipped with air-conditioning and heating systems, adapted to the climatic conditions of Belarus , which allow to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin and in the cab. Capacity of the heating system in the winter can provide the interior temperature up to + 20 °C at ambient temperatures up to - 30 °C.

The cars have triple-glazed windows with tinted, heat and sun protection coating that provides high thermal insulation while maintaining high light transmission .

In the passenger compartment mounted several displays , which displays information about the route of the train, the outside temperature , current time. With the help of these same screens can be made of various broadcast videos.

On the walls of all the input fields and buttons are mounted microphones for emergency contact passengers to the driver.

As cars have multiple cameras with the transfer of images to display in the cab.

The recorded information is maintained for 72 hours.