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Trains running on the route Minsk-Vilnius

Trains № 805/806, № 804/803, № 808/807 run daily on the route Minsk—Vilnius

Train № 801/802 runs on weekends and Belarusian public holidays

Customs and Border Control within the territory of the Republic of Belarus for trains № 805/806 Minsk—Vilnius and № 808/807 Vilnius—Minsk is being carried out while in transit on о the route HudahajMaladziečnaHudahaj.

Customs and Border Control for trains №№ 806, 808 and 804 VilniusMinsk is conducted at the railway station Vilnius beginning with boarding stars 2 hours prior to the train leaving and ending at least 10 minutes prior to departure from the station.

There is no boarding possible on trains № 806 and № 808 at Hudahaj Station and there is no service with trains № 805 and № 807  to Hudahaj Station.


The route of train No 805/806 and  No 801/802 is being served by a three-car diesel train named ДП3 made by Poland-based PESA Bydgoszcz SA. Each carriage provides 152 comfortable seats in a bright, passenger-friendly interior, which is equipped with reclining seats with adjustable armrests. A lowered floor (600 mm) makes the carriages more convenient for passengers. Each carriage is equipped with an air-conditioning system and special air curtain device preventing the entry of cold air from outside and air outlet from cabins. The entrance doors are equipped with folding ramps so that disabled passengers have easily enter the carriage. The train has two vacuum toilet compartments, one of which is adapted for disabled passengers.

By increasing of passenger traffic, the diesel train cam run as a double train set (up to 6 carriages).

Seating arrangement in coaches:

Coach 1 и 4*





Coach 2 и 5*

Coach 3 и 6*





*  when runnung as a double train set

Trains No 808/807 and No 804/803 consist of  2 second class coaches, with a total capacity of 138seats. The carriage has 2 two-and-two seating rows on each side. The train has two toilets on board, one of which is specially designed for disabled people.


Coach 1


Coach 2

Dear passengers!

In order to avoid train delays and negative impressions of traveling due to possible unawareness violations of passport and administrative regulations, we earnestly ask you to check out and meet the requirements imposed by state controlling authorities when crossing the state border of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Lithuania