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Viciebsk Railway Station

Viciebsk Railway Station
210001 Viciebsk, Kasmanaŭtaŭ, 8

tel. 105, 24/7

  • single/return tickets and tickets for trains departing from other stations, for interregional and international trains;
  • single/return tickets for interregional and international trains on the date of departure;
  • single/return/round-trip tickets for regional trains;
  • cash and bank cards are accepted;
  • ticket machines (tickets for regional economy class trains);
  • ticket reservation by phone: 105;
  • issue of tickets purchased on-line;
  • group requests for reservation;
  • exchange of tickets;
  • refund of unused tickets;
  • reservation and issue of the reserved tickets;
  • storage of luggage: locker – 1,50 BYN, oversize luggage – 1,40 BYN/piece;
  • storage of lost property - 0,92 BYN;
  • opening of lockers on property owner’s request –0,57 BYN;
  • enquiry by phone: 0,27 BYN, by post: 1,08 BYN;
  • charging of mobile phones, notebooks and pads – 0,25 BYN/30 min, Wi-Fi card (60 min) –  1,05 BYN, 180 min –  1,55 BYN, 600 min – 2,10 BYN;
  • public announcements, signage and information boards;
  • passenger information;
  • information self-service terminal;
  • arrival/departure announcements;
  • waiting room and paid waiting room.


  • twin room;
  • family room;
  • suite

There is a discount system.

Enhance comfort hall (Club SV service center):

Contacts: tel. 8 (0212) 33 24 25
 09.00 - 21.00, break: 15.00–16.00

Prices: 1 hour – 1,95 BYN, + payment for the every next hour. Free staying (up to 3 hours) for persons with tickets to sleeping cars;

Other services:

  • public catering;
  • first-aid room;
  • payphone;
  • bank branch;
  • ATMs;
  • bureau de change;
  • infomats;
  • natural flowers;
  • press and magazines;
  • infomat for travelers;
  • pharmacy;
  • clothes and shoes repair;
  • TASK insurance services;
  • shops and consumer services;
  • hair salon;
  • forwarding services.

Enhance comfort hall (Club SV service center):

Contacts: 9.00-21.00, break 15.00-16.00, tel. 8 (0212) 33 24 25; e-mail:

  • 1 hour – 1,95 BYN/person (1,75 every additional hour)
Station Manager

tel. (+375 212) 33 22 53

Reception (fax)

tel. (+375 212) 33 33 98

Station Manager Assistant on duty

tel. (+375 212) 33 31 28, (8 029) 818 80 74 – assistance with mobility

Chief Ticket Office Manager

tel. (+375 212) 33 22 87

Enquiry Desk  tel. 105, 24/7
Ticket Office (Luggage Department) tel. (+375 212) 33 24 66
Luggage Office tel. (+375 212) 33 26 45
Accommodation tel. (+375 212) 33 22 88
Non-cash payments tel. (+375 212) 33 25 23, 33 24 25
Reservation of tickets for regional business class trains, regional economy class trains, interregional trains, international trains tel. 105, 24/7
Ticket Office (Liotcy stop) tel. (+375 212) 33 26 98
Ticket Office (Lučosa stop) tel. (+375 212) 33 31 70


Contacts: 8 (0212) 33 22 88

Rooms are available 24 hours a day.

Suite consists of 2 rooms and a bathroom. It has wardrobes, bedside tables, tables, chairs, a double bed, a TV set (cable TV), soft furniture, a fridge, a microwave oven, a kettle, an air conditioner and clock.

Family accommodation consists of two rooms, a common corridor and a bathroom with a shower unit and bidet. It has bedside tables, wardrobes, tables, chairs, single beds, TV sets (cable TV), fridges, air conditioners and clocks. There is a baby bed in one of the rooms.

Twin room has bedside tables, wardrobes, a table, chairs, single beds, TV set (cable TV), a fridge, an air conditioner and clock. It has a bathroom with a shower unit.


  • twin room – 25,45 BYN /person/day or 16,55 BYN /person/half of a day;
  • family room ‑ 24,80 BYN /person/day or 16,13 BYN /person/half of a day;
  • suite ‑ 53,15 BYN /person/day or 34,56 BYN /person/half of a day.

There is a discount system:

1) “one person in a room“(one person in a twin room or a family room) ‑ 10% discount.

  • 45,81 BYN/day or 29,79 BYN /half of a day (twin room);
  • 44,64 BYN/day or 29,03 BYN /half of a day (family room).

Final price:

2) “long-term staying“ 5% discount from the cost for the 3rd and next days;

3) “loyal customer“ 5% discount for reservation of a room more than two times in one calendar year;

4) “group discount“ 5% discount for groups consisting of 10 and more people. Final price:

  • 24,18 BYN/person/day, 15,72 BYN /person/half of a day;
  • 23,56/person/day, 15,32 BYN /person/half of a day (family room);
  • 50,49 BYN /person/day, 32,83 BYN /person/half of a day (Lux).

5) 50% discount for additional person (Lux):

  • 26,57 BYN/person/day, 17,28 BYN /person/half of a day.

Free of charge services: iron, ironing board, hair dryer, kettle, microwave oven, doctor, wake-up service.

Paid services: tea.


Please submit an application for assistance with mobility in the railway station and terminal either in writing or by phone (+375 212) 33 31 28, (8029) 818 80 74

Accessibility map

Access Accessibility Rate
Privokzalnaya square

Partial accessibility.
min. way width is 2 m; space for turning.



Partial accessibility.
3 parking lots for persons with reduced mobility on the parking on Privokzalnaya square.

Passenger ways

Partial accessibility.
min. way width is 2 m; space for turning; ramps to the railway terminal and the regional ticket offices level-access from the railway terminal to the first platform.


Partial accessibility.
six lift platforms link the passenger overpass with platforms No 2,3,4 and Leningradskaya street.

Information and navigation

Partial accessibility.
passenger information is provided with the help of: light signs; boards; pictograms; sound and visual information/announcements.

Ticket Offices

Partial accessibility

Luggage Office

Partial accessibility 
accessible luggage office.

Waiting Rooms Partial accessibility
Accommodation Partial accessibility

Partial accessibility.
lift platform helps persons with reduced mobility to get to the accessible toilet in the railway terminal.

Commercial Premises

Partial accessibility
two lifts to the third floor of the central part of the railway terminal where a restaurant, waiting room, pharmacy, bureaus de change and shops are located.


Disabled access:

  • passenger lifts;
  • ramps;
  • lift platforms.

There are two passenger lifts to the third floor of the central part of the station where a restaurant, waiting room, bureaus de change, and shops are located.

Take one of six lift platforms to get from the passenger overpass to platforms 2, 3, 4 or Leningradskaya street. A portable wheelchair lift is used to help the disable to get in/out of rail cars.

A lift platform helps to get to the public WC located on the ground floor. There is an accessible toilet room there.

A deputy station manager or a ticket officer deals with any issues relating to mobility and transportation of disabled people. They also help wheelchair persons to purchase tickets. Wheelchair persons are usually provided with tickets for lower berths, though they wishes are always taken into consideration.

Public announcements may be made to ensure prompt transportation of disabled people over the passenger overpass.

Belarussian Railway Stations
Minsk Pasažyrski Railway StationMinsk Pasažyrski Railway Station

Address: 220050 Minsk, pl. Pryvakzaĺnaja, 3

tel.105,  (+375 17) 225 70 00


Vitebsk Railway StationVitebsk Railway Station

Address: 210001 Viciebsk, Kasmanaŭtaŭ, 8

tel. 105, 24/7

Homieĺ Railway StationHomieĺ Railway Station

Address: 246017 Homieĺ, Pryvakzaĺnaja Plošča, 3

tel. 105, 24/7


Polack Railway StationPolack Railway Station

Address: Viciebskaja Voblasć, 211400 Polасk, Kastryčnickaja 44.

Tel. 105, 24/7


Mahilioŭ Railway StationMahilioŭ Railway Station

Address: 212001 Mahilioŭ, Pryvakzaĺnaja Plošča, 1

tel. 105, 24/7


Lida Railway StationLida Railway Station

Address: Hrodzienskaja Voblasć, 231300 Lida, Truchanava, 12в.

Tel. 105, 24/7


Maladziečna Railway StationMaladziečna Railway Station

Address: Minskaja Voblasć, 222310 Maladziečna, Vakzaĺnaja 1
Tel. 105, 24/7


Hrodna Railway StationHrodna Railway Station

Address: 230023 Hrodna, Budzionaha 37

Tel. 105, 24/7


Brest Centraĺny Railway StationBrest Centraĺny Railway Station

Address: 224004 Brest, Pryvakzaĺnaja 1, Brest Centraĺny Railway Station.
tel. 105, 24/7


Barysaŭ Railway StationBarysaŭ Railway Station

Address: Minskaja Voblasć, 222120 Barysaŭ, Pracy 7a

Tel. 105, 24/7


Orša Railway StationOrša Railway Station

Address: Viciebskaja Voblasć, 211381 Orša,  Zaslonava 3a
Tel. 105, 24/7


Baranavičy Palieskija Railway StationBaranavičy Palieskija Railway Station

Address: Bresckaja Voblasć, 225410 Baranavičy, Fraliankova 13 .

Tel. 105, 24/7


Pinsk Railway StationPinsk Railway Station

Address: Bresckaja Voblasć, 225710 Pinsk, Čyhunačnaja 19
Tel. 105, 24/7


Luniniec Railway StationLuniniec Railway Station

Address: Bresckaja Voblasć, 225644 Luniniec, Vakzaĺnaja, 6

Tel. 105, 24/7


Asipovičy Railway StationAsipovičy Railway Station

Address: Mahilioŭskaja Voblasć, 213760 Asipovičy, Vakzaĺnaja, 18.

tel. 105


Krichev Railway StationKrichev Railway Station

Address: Mahilioŭskaja Voblasć, 213500 Kryčaŭ, Puhačova, 6.

tel. 105, 24/7


Babrujsk Railway StationBabrujsk Railway Station

Address: Mahilioŭskaja Voblasć, 213819 Babrujsk, Čyhunačnaja, 13.

tel. 105, 24/7


Žlobin Railway StationŽlobin Railway Station

Address: Homieĺskaja Voblasć, 247210 Žlobin, Pryvakzaĺnaja Plošča
Tel. 105, 24/7


Kalinkavičy Railway StationKalinkavičy Railway Station

Address: Homieĺskaja Voblasć, 247710 Kalinkavičy, Kastryčnickaja 30

Tel. 105, 24/7


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