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Information Services

The Belarusian Railway has developed a variety of additional fee-based information services, which allow rail transportation customers to improve significantly the efficiency of their activities by means of:

  • obtaining real-time data about the location and status of  wagons;
  • obtaining total detailed record about the freight cars movement from the archive;
  • real-time tracking of the transportation processes and freight car movement;
  • significant reduction of maintenance cost on own rolling stock by adopting mileage based maintenance system

The Republican unitary enterprise “Main Clearing Information Center" under the Belarusian railway is imposed with requirements to provide following services:

  • developing and introducing technologies for creating and managing rail transportation services data and delivering information based on these data as a chargeable service to the customer;
  • tariffing charged transportation information services

For more information about chargeable information services and the ways they are provided, please check the following documents:

Price List (in Russian)

Draft model of an agreement for provision of information services (in Russian)

Sample of application form for an information services agreement (in Russian)

In order to place an application, copies of the following documents are required:

1. the enterprise’s registration certificate

2. the company charter. (front page and page that includes all activities)

Please note that in case the director of your company signs the contract being the appointed attorney, a copy of the official document stating the power attorney is required

For direct customized information please contact the executives:

Shishakova Ekaterina, tel.: +375(17) 225 36 13, e-mail:;

Bondareva Natalia, tel.: +375(17) 225 36 13, e-mail:;

Bodilovskaya Natalia, tel.: +375(17) 225 30 28, e-mail:;

Sydnik  Lubov, tel.: +375(17) 225 19 02, e-mail:;

Alexandr Tikhonov, tel.: +375 (17) 225 15 77, e-mail:

The republican unitary enterprise Main Clearing Information Center under the Belarusian Railway provides a range of the paid information access services for the forwarding companies, which have transportation contracts with the Belarusian Railway. By paying for the service the customer gets access to the following applications:

  • Shipment App. The application allows searching for a shipment in the shipment database;
  • Current Account App. The application allows checking the balance of a current account.

Customers get access to the Internet applications of the Belarusian Railway via its official website. All customers shall be registered and have a user account.

For more information on the paid services, please, see the documents below:

Price List (in Russian)

Draft Service Contract (in Russian)

Sample Application Form (in Russian)

The following document shall be applied to the application form:

  1. Copy of the registration certificate
  2. Copy of the Articles of Association (front page and the page with the list of activities)

You may also contact our specialists:

Elena Abramchenko, tel.: (+375 17) 225 11 84, e-mail:

Daria Zdanovich, tel.: (+375 17) 225 11 84, e-mail:

Svetlana Cherkasova, tel.:  (+375 17) 225 12 61, e-mail:

We will be glad to cooperate!