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Contracts with Freight Forwarding Companies

Terms of contracts provide: pre-payment of 100% of payments, deposit, interaction with BR through specialized information resources through a contract with the Information Protection Centre of Belarusian Railway.

If the payer violates the terms of payment of the contract more than five times during the calendar year, as well as the terms of the deposit, the issue of termination of the contract is considered. If the contract with the payer is terminated, for the reason of a breach of prepayment terms the contract may be concluded no earlier than 12 months from the date of its termination.

The issue of the contract is considered on the basis of the written application of the payer.

The application shall contain:

  • full name of the goods planned for transportation in 2022 (with the code of a single tariff-statistical item of goods), volumes of transportation, departure and destination stations, border crossing stations of BR;
  • company’s short name (to fill in the SMGS shipping documents);
  • registered address/mailing address;
  • telephone/fax,e-mail;
  • bank details:
    • for non-residents — settlement accounts in US dollars, Euro, Russian roubles;
    • for residents — settlement accounts in Belarusian roubles.

The following documents shall be attached to the application:

  • notarized copies of the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association and copy of the certificate of registration;
  • any documents (e.g. minutes of the meeting of founding members), authorizing a CEO to sign contracts;
  • if a contract is signed by another person ‑ a duly executed power of attorney issued by a CEO, which authorizes another person to sign contracts in the name of a company. The power of attorney shall be accompanied by a CEO’s authorized signature (notarized form);
  • For any questions contact us at: +37517 225-12-81, 225-91-54