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Mongolian Vector

The "Mongolian Vector" container train runs along the route of Brest (Belarus)–Osinovka (Belarus)–Krasnoye (Russia)–Naushki (Russia)–Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)–Zamyn-Uud/Erlian (China).

The train departs from Brest thrice a month:  10th, 20th and 30th day.

The "Mongolian Vector" train comprises containers delivered to Brest by railway and road. The containers delivered to Brest are collected and stacked at the container terminal.

The "Mongolian Vector" train may transport containerized freight from the countries of Western Europe destined to Mongolia and China.

The train running time from the Belarusian Railway stations to Mongolia is 8 days.

The Belarusian Railway train operator is the
Brest branch of the State Enterprise «Belintertrans – transportation and logistics centre»


In Brest tel.: (+375 162) 26 39 94, 26 35 90
E-mail: bох@brit.bу
Site: www.brit.bу

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