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of “BTLC" 8.00 – 17.00:

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Container Transportation Service:

(+375 17) 225 47 73,

(+375 17) 225 05 74,

 225 49 62 (fax)
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  • Freight

    The Belarusian Railway is a leading and one of the most important transport system of the republic, which transports up to 70% of all cargoes carried by the national public transport.

  • Belintertrans — Transport and Logistics Centre

    provides freight forwarding services for the carriage of goods in the export, import, transit, and in internal communications...

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    Belarusian Railway have signed an agreement on launching a new «Containerships train» Belarusian Railway have signed an agreement on launching a new «Containerships train»

    May 28, the railway administrations of Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania, companies Containerships (Ukraine), Intermodal Container Service (Lithuania) and LG Cargo (Lithuania) have signed an agreement on launching new container train service in Lithuania—Belarus—Ukraine direction.

    First Deputy Head of Belarusian Railway Igor Shilov signed the document in Odessa.

    The agreement is aimed to encourage the use and further development of international freight transportation in Containership train in Lithuania—Belarus—Ukraine direction. In the opposite direction the train will operate along the route Klaipeda / Draugyste-Port—Kena—Slaviečna—Brovary / Odessa-Port.

    The train will operate along the route at least twice per week.

    29 May 2019
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    The Belarusian Railway offers mobile app for digital freight transportation

    The Belarusian Railway has presented a new mobile app powered by a mobile platform subsystem operating as part of the computerized system for digital process flow in freight transportation.

    The mobile app was developed by Information Protection Centre of the Belarusian Railway for notification of users. All the participants involved in rail freight operations can now use digital technologies to have their freight transported using legally binding electronic documents.

    The mobile app allows users to view, sign, and authorize digital documents on mobile devices running Android 5.0 and above.

    Depending on the user’s role in freight transportation process, current tasks, technical capabilities of the mobile device, they can mix and match the functions of the app.

    The users can find on-line manual for the IT tool on The Belarusian Railway clients can use the app for free.

    10 Jan 2019
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    Container Transportation in West–East–West Traffic is One of the Main Strategies of the Belarusian Railway

    In 2014, the volumes of freight transportation in containers grew, and the container services kept on developing. Thus, the specialists of the Belarusian Railway cooperated with their colleagues from Russia and Germany on improving the delivery of Volkswagen components and spare parts from Europe to the assembly facilities in the Russian Federation.

    As a result, since the 1st of January 2015 all freights from Volkswagen facilities in Europe are handled and transferred in Brest.

    Under the project the total number of transported TEU containers amounted to 6492 in January 2015.

    The terminals at Brest railway hub are equipped with the tools and devices necessary to handle, transfer and store the containers. Transportation participants effectively communicate with each other.

    25 block container trains are in regular operation now. In 2014, 193 100 TEU containers were transported by the container trains of the Belarusian Railway.

    Due to the growing volume of container transportation services worldwide, the Belarusian Railway aims at participating in various containerization projects

    13 Feb 2015
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    The volume of container transportation between China and the European Union by the Belarusian Railway increased 3 times in 2014

    In 2014, the Belarusian Railway transported 40 600 20-foot containers on China–EU–China route. In 2013, the figure was 3 times lower.

    The Belarusian Railway transports transit cargoes in container train from China to a number of European countries, including Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

    In 2014, the total volume of transit transportation amounted to 193 100 20-foot containers. Today, the cargoes are transported by 25 unit container trains.

    The Belarusian Railway stays current with a global trend for containerization and implements new relevant projects. In March 2014, a new container train was commenced on China–European Union route under the project for the cooperation between Project Office OTLK LLC and DHL Global Forwarding.

    26 Jan 2015
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    Belintertrans — Transport and Logistics Centre

    Belintertrans — Transport and Logistics Centre

    Republican Forwarding Unitary Enterprise “BELINTERTRANS – TRANSPORT-LOGISTICS CENTRE" of the Belarusian Railway (“BTLC")  provides transport and forwarding as import, eхport, transit so local services.