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"Hot line"
of “BTLC" 8.00 – 17.00:

7121 (A1, MTC, life)
(+375 17) 225 30 30
(+375 33) 625 30 30
(+375 29) 625 30 30

Container Transportation Service:

(+375 17) 225 04 07,
225 49 67, 225 05 85
fax 225 46 12

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  • Freight

    The Belarusian Railway is a leading and one of the most important transport system of the republic, which transports up to 70% of all cargoes carried by the national public transport.

  • Belintertrans — Transport and Logistics Centre

    provides freight forwarding services for the carriage of goods in the export, import, transit, and in internal communications...

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    Belarusian Railway transported 1 million TEU containers in 2021 Belarusian Railway transported 1 million TEU containers in 2021

    Since the beginning of 2021, Belarusian Railway has transported more than 1,000,000 TEU containers in all types of directions. Container transportation reached the seven-digit mark in October, while in 2020 this figure was achieved for 12 months.

    The results of the container business unit became possible due to planning and effective interaction of the Belarusian Railway with all business entities to increase the volume of cargo transportation in containers within the republic, as well as the growth of export and transit traffic.

    For 9 months of 2021, the volume of transit container transportation increased by 1.4 times compared to the same period in 2020. A significant share of this volume is the result of work of Belarusian Railway with the railways of Russia and Kazakhstan within the framework of the joint project of JSC UTLC ERA.

    21 Oct 2021
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    Belarusian Railway increases freight export transportation 29% in January–February 2021

    In January-February 2021 Belarusian Railway transported 18,2 mln tons or 100,5% to the same period of the last year.

    According to operational data, Belarusian Railway transported 28.7 mln tons of freight within republic, up 28.7 % compared to the last year.

    Furthermore, according to operational data, the volume of freight loading exceeded 12,6 mln tons, up by 10,2% to the same period of 2020. The volume of loading increased in the first two months of this year. The basic freight were chemical and mineral fertilizers, petroleum products, grain, timber freights, coal, etc.

    03 Mar 2021
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