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Brest Division under the State Association “Belarusian Railway”



Division Chief

Alexandr M. Shmatov

Public visiting hours: 2nd Tuesday of every month, appointment by phone: Tel.(+375 162) 26 00 88, 26 33 12

First Deputy Division Chief

Igor V. Zherelo

Chief Operating Officer

Sergey F. Katsuba

Deputy Division Chief

Sergey V. Romanyuk

Deputy Division Chief

Viktor N. Isnuk

Deputy Division Chief

Nikolay P. Sopot

Deputy Division Chief

Anatoly A. Dudar

Deputy Division Chief, Rail Traffic Safety Chief Auditor

Igor A. Evtushevsky


Тел. (+375 162) 26 33 12,
Tel. /fax (+375 162) 23 75 49
Address: Pryvakzalnaja Plošča 1, 224004 Brest, Belarus