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The Belarusian Railway is a state association under the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus and consists of:

  • 28 republican unitary enterprises, which are legal entities. 6 of them are subsidiaries;
  • 8 separate divisions (branches);
  • 3 foreign representative offices of the Belarusian Railway.

Administration of the Belarusian Railway

Belarusian Railway's management machinery  is the Administration of the Belarusian Railway, consisting of 30 support services, departments and other other structural subdivisions.

Minsk Division

The Belarusian Railway’s Minsk Division forms one of the most important strategic hubs for railway transportation between Russia, the Baltic States and Western Europe. The fact that it accommodates both passenger and freight traffic makes an uninterrupted functioning of the division of high importance to the whole country.

Baranavičy Division

The transport republican unitary enterprise «Baranavičy Division under the Belarusian Railway» is one of the largest companies in the Belarusian Railway, It includs a total of 60 operating stations, of which the major railway junctions Baranavičy, Hrodna, Luniniec, Vaŭkavysk and Lida are of particular importance. The division borders with three neighboring countries (Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland).

Homiel Division

The Homieĺ Devision under the Belarusian Railway is a large and complex unitary enterprise that can be considered almost independent due to its size and full services. It is capable of satisfying the most exacting demands in both cargo and passenger transportation.

Homieĺ houses one of the most strategic crossroads that link transportation between East and West. Trades between Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk and many other cities and industrial regions of neighboring countries and beyond are connected through Homiel.

Mahilioŭ Division

The Republican Unitary Enterprise «Mahilioŭ Division under the Belarusian Railway» is located in the Eastern part of the country and provides transportation services to a total of 24 districts (raions), spread by 4 regions (voblascs) in Belarus, being Mahilioŭ, Minsk, Homiel and Viciebsk. The Mahilioŭ Division contains a total of 1175 km main road tracks and 783 km of house tracks and station yard tracks.

The Mahilioŭ Division borders with the Minsk Division (Prokyna Station, Rumina Station and Vierajcy Station), the Homiel Division (Cialua Station and Starasieĺski Station), and the Baranavičy Division under the Belarusian Railway (Sluck Station) and it borders with the Smolensk Division (ascioraŭka Station) and the Bryansk Division under the Moscow Railway (Bialynkavičy Station)