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The Belarusian Railway successfully implements a national program for the development of physical training, sports and tourism. This program is involved in the renovation and maintenance of stadiums, gyms and swimming pools, at which railway employees and other sport amateurs may improve their health and skills. It goes without saying that sport has become part and parcel of everyday life for many railway employees.


In 2000, the Belarusian Railway has become a member of the International Railway Sports Association (USIC). In May 2008, at the 48th Congress of USIC, which was held in Belgium, the Belarusian Railway was elected a member of the Presidium.

The teams of the Belarusian Railway have participated in numerous sports competitions, such as football, mini football, target shooting, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, ski racing, bowling and chess within the country and abroad.

The national sports policy of the Republic of Belarus aims at the development of physical culture and sports, improvement of the national health and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. All together, the measures taken under the policy will provide for the establishment of a powerful state and a healthy nation.

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