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Baranavičy Railway Engineering Museum

The museum was founded on December 14, 1984. Its collection consists of 56 rolling stock items.

The museum rooms display stages in the development history of the railway transport. The historical sources, photographic materials, full-scale and dimensional exhibit items, equipment models, paintings, uniforms and others. The expositions allow to retrace past and present, life and work of rail personnel.

A half size model of the «B» series steam locomotive stands at the entrance to the equipment section. The steam locomotive of this series moved with the first train from Smolensk to Brest on November 28, 1871. Basis of the history section exhibition is made by natural samples of railway equipment renovated in Railway districts where they were operated in different periods.

Here are also domestic and foreign steam locomotives of Eu, EM, ER, TE, L, 9PM series, diesel locomotives of TE3, М62, TEP60, TGK2 и TGM1 series, samples of carriages and wagons of different generations on display.

The exposition displays samples of personal tools, instruments and devices including rail-cutting machine s and rail drilling machines used by rail personnel in the past, track removal tools, freight handcars DGK, AGM, a sleeper tamping machine, different signalling and communication devices, water-supply arrangements with still being in service water-intake crane.

Each museum exhibit (many of them are restored with efforts of Baranovichi division’s railway workers) is of great interest not only for professionals but also for history fanciers. efforts

Since 2002 a new military railway service equipment exposition with original facilities: ПБ-3М track-laying vehicle, ВПМ 600 tamper, machines for bridging work, machine-gun mounting and others .

The museum’s exhibits provide an opportunity to feel the power and beauty, uniqueness and importance of many ideas implemented when creating railways, as well as to get in touch with the past and to appreciate the whole history of the development and improvement of railway equipment in different periods. The museum is constantly updated with unique exhibits.


Tel: (+375 163) 49 39 47, 49 32 35, 49 32 65.

Address: 225320 Baranavičy, Fraliankova 11, Belarus, Railway Engineering section