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Health care of the railway personnel has a major priority in the Belarusian railway’s social security policy. Besides its important role in solving medical health protection issues for individual crew, the railway’s public health service system forms an integral link in maintaining high safety standards at its trains and in the entire transportation process.


The Belarusian railway ensures the safety of its trains through high medical standards by:

  • Carrying out a thorough medical and psychological selection when attending the railway or its educational institutions, continued by periodical tests and investigations at the occurrence of emergencies.
  • Mandatory periodical medical tests of crew who are involved in train movements.
  • Pre-trip medical inspections of locomotive crews, which include a D&A tests (Drugs and Alcohol)
  • Profession specific treatment regimes for medical rehabilitation of personnel.

An important role in maintaining a safe movement of trains is played by the night-and-day pre-trip and after-trip medical inspections of workers at the locomotive brigades.

A team of medical and psychological experts ensure a reliable high quality control on both mental and physical health by testing train drivers and their assistants prior to and after carrying out a trip.

Great attention is paid to the introduction of advanced medical technologies in diagnostics, treatment, disease prevention and after treatment.

Belarusian Railway is actively involved in the work of the Health Cooperation Commission of thе сouncil for Rail Transport of CIS States.