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Social Sphere


The Belarusian Railway successfully implements a national program for the development of physical training, sports and tourism. This program is involved in the renovation and maintenance of stadiums, gyms and swimming pools, at which railway employees and other sport amateurs may improve their health and skills. It goes without saying that sport has become part and parcel of everyday life for many railway employees.


The Belarusian railway’s primary goal in the field of culture is creation of necessary conditions for preservation and development of cultural heritage and potential of Belarusian people.


The education system of the Belarusian Railway provides opportunities for an specialized secondary education with specialization in railway transport. The education is based on basic education and general secondary education.


Health care of the railway personnel has a major priority in the Belarusian railway’s social security policy. Besides its important role in solving medical health protection issues for individual crew, the railway’s public health service system forms an integral link in maintaining high safety standards at its trains and in the entire transportation process.


Currently, the organizations of the Belarusian Railway have a total of 39 museums and rooms of military and working glory. The general museum fund contains 45 thousand depository items.