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Procedure for filming and photography at the facilities of Belarusian Railway

1. All types of TV filming, video filming, motion-picture filming and photography (hereinafter referred to as “Filming”) are prohibited at the facilities of the Belarusian Railway and its structural subdivisions, including rolling stock, without a written permission of the Belarusian Railway’s leadership (the Head or the Deputy Head of the Belarusian Railway). 

2. The basis for obtaining permit for filming is an official request made on the organization’s letterhead addressed to the Belarusian Railway’s leadership (the Head or the Deputy Head of the Belarusian Railway), indicating: 

  • the goal and the topic of filming; 
  • facilities where filming is planned to be conducted; 
  • requested filming date and time; 
  • duration of filming; 
  • number of participants; 
  • name, surname and phone number of the applicant’s representative 

For foreign media, a copy of the accreditation certificate in the Republic of Belarus (an accreditation card) issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus shall be attached to the application.  

3. When filming in the rolling stock of the Belarusian Railway, in addition to the written permission received in the established manner, it is necessary to have on hand travel documents (tickets). 

4. A request shall be submitted at least 1 business day before the start of filming. Permission to conduct filming can also be obtained verbally by appeal on the day of filming, when such a need is explained by prompt usefulness, taking into account the effect of filming on the reputation and image of the Belarusian Railway and its structural subdivisions. 

5. To resolve promptly the issue of filming, a request may be sent to the Belarusian Railway’s leadership by facsimile or e-mail:, tel/fax: 

(+ 375 17) 327 56 48, as well as verbally by phone of the Press Center of the Belarusian Railway indicated on the official website. 

The request addressed to the Belarusian Railway’s Head shall be sent in the established manner by e-mail, by fax or verbally by phone of the PR Manager indicated on the official website of this organization.   

6. The request received by the Belarusian Railway’s leadership (the Head or the Deputy Head of the Belarusian Railway) shall be registered in the established manner and shall be submitted upon resolution for consideration and execution to the relevant structural units. 

7. Permission for filming issued by the Belarusian Railway’s leadership, the Head or the Deputy Head of the Belarusian Railway’s structural subdivisions shall apply to the facilities specified in the request. 

8. Filming whereby the Belarusian Railway’s facilities are used for advertising or become the object of goods and services advertising shall be made on a commercial basis in accordance with an agreement between the Belarusian Railway and the applicant.   

9. The filming may be refused if it: 

  • violates the technological process of railway transport; 
  • prevents the safety of train traffic; 
  • worsens the quality of the services provided or the working conditions of the staff; 
  • lies beyond the scope of the competence of the Belarusian Railway and its structural subdivisions; 
  • in other cases, under the Head’s decision 

10. The process of filming shall be accompanied by: 

  • the film crew head; 
  • a person responsible for filming (an accompanying person) on behalf of the Belarusian Railway; 
  • representatives of structural subdivisions of the Belarusian Railway involved in the organization of filming (if necessary). 

Before filming, a responsible (an accompanying) person on behalf of the Belarusian Railway shall conduct for the members of the film crew the health and safety briefing concerning being at railway transport facilities.  

11. If the crew members violate security measures while being at railway facilities, deviate from the stated goal (the scenario), do not fulfill the requirements of the responsible person, the filming may be stopped. 

12. When filming on the territory of the Belarusian Railway, its constructional subdivisions, the following is prohibited: 

  • the movement of crew members across the territory of the organizations of the Belarusian Railway without being accompanied by a responsible person on behalf of the Belarusian Railway; 
  • installation of stationary and other filming equipment in places where it will interfere with the passage of passengers, threaten the safety of train traffic, as well as crew members; 
  • being at the facilities of the Belarusian Railway in alcoholic, narcotic or toxic states. 

13. Obtaining permits for amateur photo and video filming for personal files in places specially designed for being and servicing passengers located at station buildings, stations, stopping points, as well as in rolling stock, that do not violate the production process, do not create inconvenience and danger for the movement of passengers and photographers themselves, as well as from territories located outside the facilities of the Belarusian Railway, is not required. 

To ensure the safety of movement and operation of railway transport, the workers of the Belarusian Railway can limit the photo and video filming conducted by an individual at railway facilities.