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Belarusian Railway to open the regular motion of electric regional business class lines trains on the route of Svietlahorsk—Žlobin—Minsk on June 21

18 Jun 2020

June 21, the train №754 Svietlahorsk-na-Biarezinie–Minsk will depart from Svietlahorsk for the first time at 19:04 and will arrive in the capital of Belarus at 21:44. The train № 754 Minsk–Svietlahorsk-na-Biarezinie will depart from Minsk at 15:50 on June 26 and arrive in Svietlahorsk at 18:47.

Further, these trains will run on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The train №756 is provided for the organization of daily passengers transportation on Svetlogorsk-Žlobin-Minsk route. From Minsk, the train №756 Minsk–Svietlahorsk-na-Biarezinie will depart for the first time at 20:48 on June 21 and will arrive in Svietlahorsk at 23:47. In the opposite direction, the train will depart from Svietlahorsk at 05:01 on June 22 and arrive in Minsk at 07:53.

The train will stop at Žlobin, Babrujsk, Asipovičy-1, Puchavičy stations.

These trains will be served by modern, comfortable rolling stock.

The cost of traveling on electric trains of regional business-class  lines on this route is 9,04 BYN. Travel documents (tickets) can be issued on the official website of the Belarusian Railway in the "Passenger services" section (, in the mobile application "BC. My train”, as well as at the railway ticket offices.

More detailed information can be obtained on the official website of the Belarusian Railway, as well as by calling the Contact Center of the Belarusian Railway 105.

prepared by the Press Center of BCh

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