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Freight Forwarder News

Overview 2020 
  • May


  • 26 May 2020
    Belarusian Railway gives boost to contrailer transportation service in Kaliningrad oblast direction

    Belarusian Railway together with the Kaliningrad oblast branch of Russian Railways, PAO TransContainer, and representatives of the business community (GC “Delo”, TD “Ecopolimery”, OOO “Stroykeramika”, OOO “Lazurit Cargo”) have organized contrailer transportation between Kaliningrad oblast–Lithuania–Belarus–Moscow and Moscow oblast.

    Taking into account appeals of the Kaliningrad oblast business community Belarusian Railway provided with competitive tariff conditions on transit contrailer transportation in 2020.

    The Kaliningrad Railway dispatched the first contrailer platform with an automobile semi-trailer on a container train on 7 May. The transit time from Kaliningrad to Moscow oblast via Belarus was less than two days. The transportation was twice as fast as road haulage while the tariffs are comparable.

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