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Belarusian Railway opens operations control center in Minsk on 19 December

20 Dec 2019

Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Kukharev, Ministry of Transport and Communications Aleksey Avramenko, Head of Belarusian Railway Vladimir Morozov took part in the ceremony.

“Belarusian Railway acts as a transport link between countries of Europe and Asia. Company develops successfully and accounts for 63% of the freight traffic and about 33% of the passenger traffic in Belarus. The organized railway system allows successfully developing and introducing the latest technologies in addition to ensuring safe, uninterrupted, and reliable transportation of our country,” Sergei Rumas said during the ceremony.

The Head of Belarusian Railway Vladimir Morozov noted that the company will celebrate its 157th anniversary on 27 December. Opening of the operations control center has been organized on that occasion. 

Vladimir Morozov pointed out: “The systems and technologies the operations control center applies have been developed in the country.”  

The operations control center presents digital technologies to manage transportation operations and the work of Belarusian Railway’s entire infrastructure. The center will take care of control of and oversight over the movement of passenger and freight trains, scheduled maintenance, the operation of engine and car depots, the management of freight cars of Belarusian shippers, interaction with the railway administrations in neighboring countries and with various agencies in Belarus. 

prepared by the Press Center of BCh

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