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Corporate News

Overview 2018 


  • 21 Feb 2018
    The Heads of the Belarusian Railway and the Polish State Railways discussed the results of collaboration

    The Head of the Belarusian Railway took part in the meeting with the Management Board of the Polish State Railways. The event was held on 15—16 of February, in Berlin.

    During the meeting sides discussed the results of work on freight and passengers transportation in 2017 and prospects of its development in 2018.

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  • 20 Feb 2018
    The Belarusian Railway transported more than 12 million tons of freight and 5 million passengers in January 2018

    The Belarusian Railway transported more than 12, 143 million tons of freight, 127, 5% compared to January 2017.

    Freight transportation for export increased by 30% and amounted to 4, 5 million tons. The volume of transit freight transportation rose to 3, 760 million tons, 111, 6% compared to January 2017.

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  • 19 Feb 2018
    The Belarusian Railway delegation will take part in the international rail business forum “Strategic partnership 1520”

    The international rail business forum “Strategic partnership 1520: Central Europe will be held on 20-22 of February, in Vienna. Vladimir Morozov, the Head of the Belarusian Railway, will lead the delegation of the Belarusian Railway.

     “Strategic partnership 1520 – the international business forum is intended to coordinate the efforts of the Eurasian transport market players on the development of integral infrastructure of international transport corridors, the creation of the most comfortable environment for the transportation of passengers and cargo.

    The participation of the Belarusian Railway in the international railway business forum is also an opportunity to get heads of railways, transport and cargo-generating companies similar with the transit policy of the Republic of Belarus, technical and technological transit potentials of the Belarusian Railway.

    The audience is made up of heads of the national railway companies of the states with wide and narrow gauge railways, the transport block of the European Commission, international profile organizations, representatives of transport and logistics, engineering and development companies of the European Union and CIS states.

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  • 15 Feb 2018
    The international conference will be held from the 13th to 14th of March, on the Belarusian Railway

    The Belarusian Railway plans carrying the international conference “The railway service market, logistics, rail freight forwarding, and tariffs" from the 13th to 14th of March, in Minsk.

    The participants of the conference are the representatives of railway administrations, public authorities, freight forwarding organizations, European railway carriers, freight owners.

    During the conference, participants will discuss important problems relating to the improvement of effectiveness of collaboration and possible solutions of topical matters.

    A range of issues, including the development of transport service market, use of infrastructure of the Belarusian Railway, development of regulatory and legal framework and information technologies, tariff setting rules, etc. will be considered at the conference.

    The participants will look more closely into the work of the Belarusian Railway and its further plans of development and prospects of cooperating with colleagues.

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  • 7 Feb 2018
    The Heads of the Belarusian Railway and the Latvian Railway discussed the issues of bilateral collaboration

    The Head of Belarusian Railway Vladimir Morozov and the President of Latvian Railway Edvins Berzins are holding talks in Minsk from 6 to 7 February.

    The sides considered a number of topical issues of bilateral cooperation and the results of interaction in Belarus-Latvia railway passenger and freight traffic in 2017. They also single out measures to keep developing their cooperation.

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