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Corporate News

Overview 2015 


  • 26 Jan 2015
    A new AGCS is installed at Brest station to pass through Talgo trains

    The Belarusian railway cooperated with Talgo specialists to install the automatic gauge changeover system at Brest railway station. The new system will ensure the gauge changeover from 1520 mm to 1435 mm.

    In the first quarter of 2015, the certification tests of passenger train s and Talgo system will be performed at Brest railway station.

    Large-scale works were carried out by the Belarusian Railway before installing the system. Under the project the tracks, switches, signaling, interlocking and blocking devices at Brest railway station were changed. The reconstructed tracks were electrified. The AGCS was connected to the utilities. A range of construction and assembling works related to the system building was performed.

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  • 19 Jan 2015
    In 2015, the Belarusian Railway will take part in the major transport exhibitions

    The Belarusian Railway is going to take part in the major international transport, freight and logistics exhibitions and fairs. The Belarusian Railway will have its stand at TRANSRUSSIA (April 21 – 24, Moscow, Russia), TransBaltica 2015 (May, Vilnius, Lithuania), Transport Logistic (May 5 – 8, Munich, Germany) and the National Exhibition (October 6 – 8, Minsk, Belarus). The employees of the Belarusian Railway will also visit the exhibitions and participate in forums and conferences, among which are Intermodal Asia, transport and logistics exhibition and conference; (March 24 – 26, Shanghai, China); EXPO 1520, the international fair of railway equipment and technologies (September 2‑5, Shcherbinka, Russia); Trako Fair (September 22 – 25, Gdansk, Poland) and INFOTRANS (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    One of the main goals of the marketing policy of the Belarusian Railway is the participation in the major exhibitions and events of the industry. Its employees will take part in the plenary sessions, breakout sessions and round-tables devoted to the development of the industry.

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  • 14 Jan 2015
    The Belarusian Railway got eur 160,000 as part of the international technical support to install GSM-R terminals on Minsk—Vilnius locomotives

    The European Union provided financial support under the project Improvement of Express Passenger Train Vilnius-Minsk implemented as part of the Lithuania-Latvia-Belarus Cross-Border Cooperation Program for 2007-2013 of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument.

    The finances are to be used to purchase and install the GSM-R terminals on the locomotives. The equipment will be manufactured by OJSC AGAT-SYSTEM according to the contract made in October 2014.

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  • 06 Jan 2015
    The Belarusian Railway set the key international activities for 2015

    The Belarusian Railway will keep up the cooperation with the foreign railway authorities on such issues as increasing the competitiveness of railway transport and improvement of international passenger and freight transportation. The cooperation is performed both within the international transport organizations and in the form of bilateral cooperation. The bilateral cooperation will focus on increasing the freight transportation volumes, harmonizing the transportation rates, establishing the competitive rates, developing the infrastructure of the border railway sections, reconstructing the infrastructure of the international transport corridors, which run on the territory of the republic, and developing of container and piggy-back transportation.

    The Belarusian Railway is going to arrange and to take part in the international transport events, i.e. exhibitions, forums and conferences. It will arrange and hold the 62nd Meeting of the Council for the Railway Transport of the Commonwealth Member States (Minsk) and the men’s volleyball championship of the International Railway Sport Union (Homieĺ).

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