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Transport and Logistics 2014

07 Oct 2014

Today the VIII International Trade Exhibition “Transport and Logistics 2014 has opened in Minsk. The Belarusian Railway also participates in the exhibition.

According to the Head of the Belarusian Railway Vladimir Morozov, a range of important meetings with foreign partners are to be held during the “Belarusian transport week. One of the main topics to discuss is the improvement of transportation services. The Belarusian Railway has already done a great work in this field. In July, 2014 the Transport Service Center was opened at Baranavičy Centraĺnyja station. Mr. Morozov also emphasized that other innovative methods and procedures of work will be implemented. He said: “the main objective is to provide our customers with comprehensive, prompt and convenient services.


Besides, the Head of the Belarusian Railway reported about the implementation of some freight and passenger transportation projects.

At the stand of the Belarusian Railway the presentation materials and the data on technical, technological and handling capacities of the railway will be available. A range of issues concerning logistics, customer services and transit development will be discussed during the exhibition.

The Belarusian Railway will also participate in the Transport and Logistics Congress. Its representatives will take part in the sections, roundtables, discussions and research seminars devoted to the development of multimodal transportation and implementation of new information technologies, which can improve transportation and logistics services.

Among the participants are the Republican Forwarding Unitary Enterprise “BELINTERTRANS – transport-logistics centre of the Belarusian Railway and railcar manufacturing facilities of the Republic of Belarus.

Prepared by BC press center

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