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Corporate News

Overview 2014 


  • 31 Mar 2014
    Belarusian Railway will participate in the largest international exhibition SITL Europe

    The specialized annual international exhibition will be held on April 1—4 in Paris as an event within the transport, logistics and materials handling sector, which is attended by European consignors.

    The exhibition features modern freight technologies by different modes of transport. The latest achievements in the field of logistics systems are demonstrated, together with transport services, automation and mechanization of storage and handling operations and production of special and specialized rolling stock.

    The Belarusian Railway will be represented by the state enterprise BELINTERTRANS Transport and Logistics Centre (BTLC).

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  • 20 Mar 2014
    During the “Year of hospitality”, the Belarusian Railway will provide its passengers with maximum convenience and comfort

    The railway authority continues its effort in preparing the railway infrastructure facilities and organizing high-level hospitality services for its passengers. Foreign guests arriving on international equities, such as the Ice Hockey World Championship and the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders, will positively experience this effort.

    The main event during the announced 'Hospitality Year’ is the hosting of the 78th Ice Hockey World Championship. This championship will be held in the capital of Belarus from May 9 until May 25 at two different venues "Minsk-Arena" and “Čyžoŭka Arena".

    The Belarusian Railway performs all the work as part of integrated measures with the aim of ensuring transportation services for the guests and participants of the world championship. In order to achieve this goal, repair works , reconstruction and modernization of the transport infrastructure facilities are carried out. It provides as developing of information support to foreigners so training of service personnel.

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