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  • Belarusian Railway to open the regular motion of electric regional business class lines trains on the route of Svietlahorsk—Žlobin—Minsk on June 21

    18 Jun 2020 | Passenger News

    June 21, the train №754 Svietlahorsk-na-Biarezinie–Minsk will depart from Svietlahorsk for the first time at 19:04 and will arrive in the capital of Belarus at 21:44. The train № 754 Minsk–Svietlahorsk-na-Biarezinie will depart from Minsk at 15:50 on June 26 and arrive in Svietlahorsk at 18:47.

    Further, these trains will run on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

    The train №756 is provided for the organization of daily transportation of passengers on the Svetlogorsk-Žlobin-Minsk route. From Minsk, the train №756 Minsk–Svietlahorsk-na-Biarezinie will depart for the first time at 20:48 on June 21 and will arrive in Svietlahorsk at 23:47. In the opposite direction, the train will depart from Svietlahorsk at 05:01 on June 22 and arrive in Minsk at 07:53.

    The train will stop at Žlobin, Babrujsk, Asipovičy-1, Puchavičy stations.

    These trains will be served by modern, comfortable rolling stock.

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  • Belarusian Railway put into service additional train between Belarus and Lithuania

    12 Jul 2019 | Passenger News
    In order to meet the increased demand for transportation between Belarus and Lithuania during July and August 2019, Belarusian Railway put into service additional train № 809/810 Minsk—Vilnius. The train will run once a week every Saturday. It will stop at Maladziečna, Smarhoń and Hudahaj stations. The train №809 Minsk―Vilnius will depart from Minsk-Pasažyrski station at 13.50 and will arrive in Vilnius at 17.00. In the opposite direction, the train №810 Vilnius―Minsk will depart from Vilnius at 12.40 and will arrive in Minsk at 15.50. Read more…