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Technical Characteristics

(as of January 01, 2013)

Today, the Belarusian Railway includes 6 separate structural subdivisions (unitary enterprises). These are Minsk division, Baranavičy division, Brest division, Homieĺ division, Mahilioŭ division and Viciebsk division.

Together, the divisions incorporate 370 large and small stations, among them 3 passenger stations, 9 railway yards, 27 freight stations, 12 division stations and 319 wayside stations (including sidings and passing stations), 17 locomotive depots, 12 wagon depots, 20 track maintenance departments, 13 signalling and communications divisions, 7 power supply divisions and other enterprises.

Operational length of the Belarusian Railway

5483,0 km

Rail extension on concrete sleepers


- main trunk route


- station tracks and purpose tracks


High-strength hardened rail extension

3836,7 km

Continuous welded rail extension


- main trunk route

4423,4 km

- station tracks and purpose tracks

67,1 km

Total electrified line length

899,0 km