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Investment Policy

The main investment projects of the Belarusian Railway and activities for 2021-2025 were approved by the Council of Ministers (Decision №165 dated 23.03.2021).

The priorities of the State Program are:

  • rail infrastructure development;
  • electrification of railway sections and modernization of electricity systems
  • renovate the existing traction rolling stock;
  • strengthening the logistics of the track facilities;
  • development of information-management systems for automation of transportation process, cargo and commercial work, information security;
  • employees training and retraining.

The targets of the State Program for 2025 in relation to 2020 are:
  • increase in cargo turnover - up to 120.0 %;
  • increase in passenger turnover - up to 107.9 %;
  • transport services exports - up to 115.9 %;
  • share of electrified railway tracks from the entire length of the Belarusian Railway - up to 25 %

Energy efficiency

The principal directions of energy efficiency are :

  • quality workspace lighting by using LED technology;
  • increased use of wood waste fuel, dump oil fuel and other combustible refuse in boiler compartments, belonging to railway organizations;
  • introduction of renewable and alternative energy sources;
  • development and introduction of new energy-efficient traction technologies for freight and passenger transportation;
  • introduction of automated electric power metering systems in all activities;
  • modernization of suppliers.

Ecology and environmental protection

Belarusian Railway pays great attention to reducing the environmental impact of rail transport. The principal directions are increase in the total electrification of railway lines, renewal and modernization of rolling stock.