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Investment Policy

Investment policy of the Belarusian Railway is aiming to improve the performance quality standards of the railway and retain competitive position on the national and international transport markets.

The Belarusian Railway’s Investment policy aims at a continuous improvement of performance quality standards and retaining a competitive position on national and international transport markets.

The priorities of the investment policy in this regard are:

  • efficient usage of rolling stock, equipment and devices, energy resources;
  • ensuring a high level of train traffic safety.
Investment activities in 2016-2020

The main investment projects of the Belarusian Railway and activities for 2016-2020 were approved by the Council of Ministers (Decision No. 345 dated 28.04.2016).

The principal directions are:

  • development of railway infrustructure;
  • electrification of railway lines;
  • purchasing traction rolling stock and multiple unit trains;
  • development of passenger traffic;
  • implement measures aiming to upgrade rolling stock and improve efficiency of the railway transport.

The most important investment projects are:

1. Electrification of Maladziečna—Gudagay—border district.

2. Electrification of Homieĺ—Žlobin—Asipovičy and Žlobin—Kalinkavičy districts. 3d line. Žlobin—Kalinkavičy district.

3. Purchasing electric freight locomotives, electric passenger locomotives, electric trains, diesel electric train.

Expected growth rate of total fixed investments following the results of implementing the planned investment projects and activities amounts to 199,2% compared to the year 2010.

Energy efficiency

By 2020 the Belarusian railway is planning to reduce transportation energy consumption by 60 toe. Furthermore, up to 16% of total boiler and furnace fuel will be replaced by local or alternative fuels. Thus, the reducing of energy consumption makes 65000-75000 tons of coal equivalent in comparable conditions

The principal directions of energy efficiency are defined by the State Program of Rail Transport Development of the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020:

They are:

  • quality workspace lighting by using LED technology;
  • increased use of wood waste fuel, dump oil fuel and other combustible refuse in boiler compartments, belonging to railway organizations;
  • introduction of renewable and alternative energy sources;
  • development and introduction of new energy-efficient traction technologies for freight and passenger transportation;
  • introduction of automated electric power metering systems in all activities;
  • modernization of suppliers.