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Cooperation with railway administrations

A great attention is paid to the development of bilateral and multilateral relations with railways of CIS and Baltic countries as the main partners of freight and passenger traffic.

With JSC "Russian Railway"as the strategic partner of the Belarusian Railway such work is carried out as:

  • on the development of freight traffic, including the route to Kaliningrad region;
  • on the development of container traffic, formation of new container routes;
  • on the implementation of projects of passenger trains speed increase within international routes.

The cooperation between the Belarusian Railways and SC National company Kazakhstan temir zholy is steadily developed on the increasing of freight and passenger traffic amounts in the direction of Belarus — Kazakhstan — Belarus, as well as providing freight transit traffic running from Kazakhstan regions and Central Asia to Western European countries.

The Cooperation with the Railways of Baltic region is performed within joint projects fulfillment, which are intended to the development of economic relations of the Republic of Belarus with the countries of Baltic Region:

  • freight transportation in Baltic region direction;
  • setup of Viking and Zubr container train traffic;
  • international passenger transportation.

Measures are implemented on the development of railway infrastructure of boundary areas with Latvia, that allows to perform increasing amounts of freight and passenger traffic in that direction.

The cooperation with the SC "Polish State Railways"is performed based on multilateral interaction and partnership. The work on regulatory legal foundation formation in the sphere of international railway traffic arrangement has been completed.

Within the cooperation of the Belarusian Railway with the SC "German Railway" the traffic of Volkswagen company automobile components by high speed container trains to Kaluga is carried out along the existed routes through Brest, new routes have been formed to Nizhny Novgorod, from the BMV concern from Leipzig (Germany) to Shenyang (China), and «Hewlett-Packard» products traffic from Chongqing (China) to Duisburg (Germany).