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Track Facilities

One of the major sectors determining the working efficiency of the whole railway consists of track facilities. Railway capacity, safety and train speed limits depend significantly on the state of the tracks and the power of these facilities.

Today the Belarusian railway’s tracks consist of around 12000 km of rails in expanded length, of which 7200 km are main gauges, 12400 turnouts, 1903 bridges and overpasses and 1750 rail crossings.

96% Of the total main gauges length are laid on concrete sleepers and another 63% of the total length consist of rail strings that are 800m in length or more.

The operation of the rail and its maintenance are provided by a total of 20 divisions, another 6 divisions of protective forestation, 7 track machine stations, a rail welding train and a pilot plant of track machines.

Each year about 180-190km of railway paths is being renewed, another average of 350-400 km is repaired and about 400 switches are replaced.

A program of import substitution is successfully implemented in the track facilities sector. Since 1991 it has allowed to organize in-house manufacturing of wooden and concrete sleepers and most of the clamping elements with the prospect of fully covering the requirements of some of these materials.

For ensuring a high-quality track maintenance the Belarusian railway has purchased 76 special-purpose rolling stock units for the track facilities sector during the period covering 2001-2016. Current track machine complexes were fitted-out with this modern equipment, allowing to significantly improve standard operating procedures, especially with regards to quality improvement.

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