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Signaling and Communication

The technological level of the railway tracks by means of automation, telemetry, communications and computing is one of the key indicators of technical equipment throughout the railway industry.

Currently the Belarusian Railway’s electrical centralization includes 99% of the amount of switches and signals at the stations. About 70% of the total length of the tracks is fitted out with devices of interval traffic wayside control.

The signaling and communication sector has introduced new digital communication systems of automatic switching. Currently 72 digital and electronic exchange stations are operated by the Belarusian railway at the junctions of Homiel, Kalinkavičy, Žlobin, Barysaŭ, Ora. Sitnica, Lida, Minsk, Maladziečna, Asipovičy, Baranavičy and Brest.

A unified automated control system from «DISK», named «UHCS» (upgraded hardware components set) devices has been implemented at the railway for rolling stock monitoring.

Domestic portable radio sets СР-140, СР-160, GP-340 and «Роса-П», dispatch recording systems, the locomotive radio station РКУ-1Б (for main-line locomotives and switchers) have been brought into constant operation.