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Information Technology

Over the past few years new major projects have been implemented at the Belarusian Railway. These projects focus on transition towards modern software-&-hardware technologies and a phased implementation of an enterprise information system concept within the company.

Corporate activities with computing technique enterprises are primarily aiming on providing the operation of information technology (IT) techniques such as: hardware functional capability, operation of АРМ software, facilities, informational systems and network services.

Advanced information technologies are being implemented in accordance with the annual programs for IT development, which are accepted by the Informatization Council of Belarusian Railway.

The Belarusian Railway operates the National freight traffic management system (a management decision support system for freight traffic) and participates in activities for arranging electronic freight data exchange with neighboring railways in standard UN/EDIFACT.

The international automated system EXPRESS-3 is implemented for passenger traffic control and electronic seat-reservation. Passenger can issue a travel document online on the official website of the Belarusian Railway in the "Passengers" section ( and the BR Passengers mobile app.

Activities for creating the Unified corporate integrated finance and resource management system (UC IFRMS) based on solutions of the multinational software corporation SAP AG has been launched at the Belarusian railway.

The Railway also operates a digital highway oriented high-efficient enterprise data network .

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