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Electricity Supply

The Belarusian Railway’s electricity supply fields are divided into seven different divisions, being Minsk, Baranavičy, Brest, Homiel, Mahilioŭ, Viciebsk and Ora. Homiel and Viciebsk however, do not serve any electrified sections of tracks.

The energy supply is provided by 18 electricity supply districts. An electro technical laboratory provides the delivered power to the electrified sections through 16 power substations which feed an overhead contact system consisting of 22 districts.

The operational overall length of electrified sections is 897.2km, which represents 16% of the total length of the railway tracks. A total of 870.6Km hereof are operated in AC mode, whereas 26.6km operates in DC mode. The AC divisions operate at 27.5kV (two of which at 25kV) and the DC divisions operate at 3.3kV.

The contact system has an overall length of 2624.3km, whereas the 6-10kV overhead lines count a total of 7913.5km and the 6-10kV cable lines count 1343 km.

A team of 1586 enterprise workers is responsible for the safe operation of the system, which carries the task of providing an uninterrupted electricity supply to facilities and equipment of the railway. They ensure a reliable operation of the overhead line devices and supply lines and are engaged in keeping the system up to date in line with the latest developments in electricity concerning railway transportation.

The main directions for the development of the power supply facilities are:

  • Introduction and development of high tech equipment.
  • Transferring the use of currently imported materials towards materials that are being produced in-house at the enterprises of the railway or within the republic.
  • Modernization of existing power supply lines, traction and transformer substations.
  • The introduction of the latest electrical diagnostic equipment for diagnosis of cables and overhead lines.

Besides power provision, the Railway’s electrical laboratory is responsible for equipment diagnostics, measurement assurance and the application of modern supervisory devices.

A special car-laboratory performs diagnostics of overhead catenaries of electrified districts within the Belarusian railway and beyond at sites of the Latvian, Lithuanian and Kaliningrad railways.