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Belarusian Railway

Today, the Belarusian Railway is the leader of the national transportation system.

As one of the most important transportation systems of the country presently it has successfully been developed and provides more than 63% of freight of all kinds of public transport and about 33% of passenger traffic in Belarus.

  • The Head of Belarusian Railway will take part in the Second Eurasian Congress in Moscow

    01 Dec 2021 | Corporate News
    The Second Eurasian Congress will take place in Moscow on 2 December. The Congress has established itself as an influential forum for open dialogue between governments and businesses in Eurasia. This year, delegates will discuss how businesses and public-private partnerships can play a greater role in unlocking the potential of Eurasian integration by enhancing production and technical cooperation, sharing advanced technologies, and building new value chains.

    The Head of Belarusian Railway is expected to speak at the plenary session “West–East and North–South Transport Corridors: Development, Export, Integration”. During the session the participants will discuss the possibilities of unlocking the potential of Eurasian transport corridors.

    Read more…
  • Belarusian Railway informs

    19 Nov 2021 | Passenger News
    Due to technical problems from 19.11.2021 22:00 to 20.11.2021 03:00 the service of issuing electronic travel documents in the section «Passenger Services» ( on the website of Belarusian Railway and in the mobile application «BC. My train» will be temporarily inaccessible. Read more…

The new concept of
passenger transportation

intends to effectively satisfy the needs of passengers when using transport services. It has been developed with a complex system of measures, including the use of modern technologies and modern rolling stock and ...


State Association "Belarusian Railway" is subordinate to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus.

The association consists of 

  • 28 national unitary enterprises, 6 of which are subsidiaries;
  • 8 separate structural subdivisions;
  • 3 representatives.

Administration of the Belarusian Railway

Belarusian Railway's management machinery  is the Administration of the Belarusian Railway, consisting of 30 support services, departments and other other structural subdivisions.